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Arrowsmith: Arrowsmith FCA Spring Exhibition




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The Arrowsmith Chapter traditionally holds two FCA juried group shows per year. All of the artwork in these shows, ranging in style from abstract to representational, in different mediums such as watercolour, oil, acrylic, mixed media and collage, is rigorously juried by three signature members of FCA. When selecting works for shows, these jurors consider such things as the use of composition, line, colour, perspective, shape, light, proportion and positive and negative space, and mastery of the artist's chosen medium.


The show promotes and invites the public to attend. We are proud of our Chapter and the successes that we are witnessing.

Notes to Submitters:


  • All art is to comply with the condition, presentation and wiring requirements as articulated by the FCA. We retain the right to decline art that does not meet the standards.
  • Once you have been accepted into the show, you are obligated to handle all sales and sales inquiries through the FCA or the Venue.
  • There are no real size restrictions. Please keep your artwork on or below 100 united inches. (ie: the total measurement of 2 adjacent sides). Sculptures to be small enough to fit though the entry doors.


General FCA Submission Guideline Links

FCA Standards 

Image Requirements

FCA Policy Manual


If you have already successfully submitted artwork to an exhibition hosted by this Chapter, (the piece was included in some capacity, either live at a venue or in an online gallery), you cannot submit the same piece to a different exhibition hosted by the same Chapter, again.


Copyright and Standards


The following excerpt is taken from the Federation Policy Manual:


7.1.5 "While using photos as a reference for painting is a long-held accepted practice, making substantive use of stock imagery or photos taken by professional photographers is not permissible, even with their permission. Photographs by professional photographers are considered artworks in and of themselves. Reference photos must be taken by the artist themselves or provided to them by an amateur photographer with their express consent. Stock images may only be referred to for anatomical study and must be incidental to the completed artwork to be permissible".


While an artist may have paid a licensing fee or retrieved explicit written permission that places them on the right side of copyright laws, Federation Standards do not permit the use of stock photography or reference material from another artist - even with permission or paid licensing. 


Federation Standards are different than copyright laws, submitting artists must adhere to both to avoid being removed from the exhibition - if in doubt about the source material of your artwork - do not submit it.


Member Type Required:
"Active" members of Federation of Canadian Artists, "AFCA" members of Federation of Canadian Artists, "SFCA" members of Federation of Canadian Artists
Cost to Submit:
Entry Cost: CAN$15.00
First item included with Entry Cost
Items 2-5: CAN$10.00 per item
Maximum Items:
Submission Dates:
Submission deadline has passed! (Mar 1 2024 11:59 pm PST)
You cannot currently make an online submission.