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FCA Member Badge

In an ongoing effort to improve the quality and increase the quantity of servicewe provide we have developed a Federation “Badge”. This emblem is a visual tool that our Active and Signature members may use to complement their existing marketing materials by placing it on their website, business cards, or brochures as a symbol of the level of quality and professionalism of their work.  


The badge shows the membership level you have achieved with the Federation of Canadian Artists and to what year you are current.  At the end of each year we will make a badge with the following year’s date available that you will be able to access through this website.


We encourage all our members to include the Badge on their websites. The badge should act as a link to the following page which will explain to your visitors the significance of your membership status:

This page helps the viewer understand what the badge means and that this badge is a sign that you have reached an outstanding level of quality in your work.



2024 Federation Badge

Click on the respective link below to download your badge:           

  - Exhibiting Member Badge

 -  AFCA (Associate) Member Badge

 -  SFCA (Signature Associate) Member Badge





Please note: You need to be logged in to the website in order to be able to download your badge.