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Standards Chair, Gaye Adams, SFCA, explains how to stay away from the Copyright Cliff within an article for the May/June 2016 issue of Art Avenue. Click here to download a copy of this article .



While using photos as reference for painting is a long-held accepted practice, making substantive use of stock imagery or photos taken by professional photographers is not permissible, even with their permission. Reference photos must be taken by the artist themselves or provided to them by an amateur photographer with their express consent. Stock images may only be referred to for anatomical study and must be incidental to the completed artwork to be permissible.

The FCA seeks to display artworks that are original examples of an artist's technical skill, ability to compose images, as well as to work creatively. Because of this, artwork created in courses and workshops are not eligible for submission to juried exhibitions, or as part of one's Active Status portfolio.

All submissions that appear to be in violation of copyright law will also be rejected.




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