"Watching for Glacial Melt"

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"Watching for Glacial Melt" by Kara Jean Barkved
Watching for Glacial Melt
Kara Jean Barkved
12" x 12"
acrylic on panel
CAN$200.00 Framed
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This summer Greenland experienced an unprecedented ecological disaster, losing approximately 2 billion tons of ice. Scientists are warning this is a tipping point. Governments discuss the situation, wring their hands, and promise far off future carbon emission limitations, but it seems little attention is being paid to the immediate, impending and global disaster. As the ice caps and glaciers melt, and the temperatures rise, we lose sea ice as well, which in turn, adds to the cascade of climate events, because the oceans have larger areas of darker water, unable to deflect solar rays, furthering the rise in global temperatures in an unrelenting cycle of climate catastrophe. I find this situation extremely alarming! What can I do as a concerned artist and global citizen? I can point it out. I can do my part. This is the subject of my "Concept" art.
This abstract painting depicts a lonely sentinel, observing the rise in sea levels as the tip of an iceberg melts into the ocean, a sense of foreboding as a submerged darker patch of water rises to the surface. Where will it all end?