Exhibiting Status Feedback Session


Achieving Exhibiting Status is a big accomplishment - standards are high.  It should be considered a challenge and something that takes time and effort on your part.  If you find yourself in the position of not receiving your Exhibiting Status, that should not hold you back - it should encourage you to delve deeper into your practice and find out what is working and what's not.


That is what these Exhibiting Status Feedback Sessions are here for - to provide you with constructive criticism and feedback on how you can improve your work for the next time you apply for Exhibiting Status and help you grow as an artist.  These sessions are led by our Signature members who are well-established as artists and well-respected as instructors and critiquers - they are the real deal.  Students will remain on a first-name basis so as to respect their privacy


Interactive, Online, Recorded - Exhibiting Feedback Sessions are online, interactive and recorded via the online software program, Zoom.  Ideally you will have access to speakers and a microphone so you can interact with the instructor, however, there is an option to dial-in through a telephone or simply listen.  If you cannot attend the meeting or want to watch it again, the session will be made available online following the feedback session when an access link will be sent to you.


Registration - Once jurying is complete, a FCA staff member will inform each applicant of the results.  At that time, members who do not receive their Exhibiting Status will be invited to enrol in the feedback session which takes place roughly once a months.  Your decline email will have a link included that allows you to register.. Shortly thereafter, full instructions, including a date and time confirmation and link to the webinar, will be sent via email.



Member Comments


"I would like to let you know how much I appreciated the Exhibiting Status Feedback Session. It is a great initiative by the FCA.  I was feeling that I had hit a wall. Now, after the feedback session, I have a better understanding of  what is expected in a submission and how it is assessed. Jeff Wilson did a great job, was very thorough and provided   helpful and constructive criticism of our artworks." - Anonymous, Jeff Wilson Feedback Session