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What are the FCA Chapters?

Chapters are formed by a collective of members of the Federation of Canadian Artists. They are  regional groups and have autonomy in how they govern their own operation, while following the policies, bylaws and artistic standards of the Federation of Canadian Artists.


Chapters may organize a variety of their own local events such as:

  • Qualifying Exhibitions (points towards your Elected membership)
  • Workshops
  • Art Talks
  • Social Gatherings
  • And More

A local Chapter can provide networking opportunities and support to fellow artists in your community.


Resources for Chapters:

For more information on how Chapters operate or to form a new Chapter if you don't have one in your area please read the Chapter Resource Handbook.

Please follow this link if you are already part of a Chapter, and would like more information about available tools, Exhibiting Status jurying or a Chapter organized exhibition: Click here.


Chapter Participation:

FCA members may be affiliated with as many or as few Chapters as they wish. All we ask is that every Chapter affiliate first be at least a Supporting member in good standing with the FCA. This means besides paying their chapter fees, Chapter affiliates are required to pay their annual membership fees to the Federation.

Please note: Those are two different payments with two different recipients. Chapter affiliate fees need to be paid directly to the respective Chapter, whereas the head office collects membership fees.


Interested in Joining?:

Send us an email at and we would happy to help facilitate your registration.




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